This site is dedicated to providing resources for anyone wishing to maximize their performance.  My goal is to provide information and resources that will be practical and functional to anyone in performance mode; as an athlete, as a performing artist, in business.

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What is Sport Psychology?

In a nutshell, sport psychology – or performance psychology – applies concepts and strategies into any domain concerned with performance. My view of sport psychology is that within each of us, is a compelling desire to move towards excellence as performers as well as human beings. Furthermore, we understand that the psychological and emotional domains within us can be trained and developed, just like we can train our physical bodies. As such I see my work as a guide, working with clients to help clarify goals and aspirations, looking carefully at personal resources, challenges, and demands of the performance environment. My work involves developing awareness of challenges and issues related to performance, and then finding strategies and skills that will allow us to excel under pressure.

These strategies are designed together with clients. It becomes a collaborative effort with the objective of creating a plan of action that will best serve the individuals or organizations needs.

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Roger Friesen is a faculty member of the Department of Kinesiology at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV). Roger began his teaching career at the University of Manitoba in 1992, and moved to the University of the Fraser Valley in 1995. Since moving to the UFV, Roger has been responsible for developing and teaching the sport psychology stream of courses. Roger has been working as a mental training consultant for the past 20 years with many National level and Olympic teams and athletes. This has involved working with athletes in preparation for Olympic, Commonwealth and Pan Am Games as well as many world championships.

Over the years, Roger’s work as a sport psychology consultant has also included work with the performing arts – musicians, actors and ballet. In addition, 11 years ago, Roger’s work in the field of sport psychology took another interesting turn – in a new domain – Adventure Tourism. Roger has worked closely with two Heli-Ski operations as well as many mountain guides applying the skills of sport psychology to this high stress profession.

Innovative Fitness

Innovative Fitness

Every Innovative Fitness coach has training that goes far beyond your typical four- month personal training program. Most of our trainers have additional certifications, from certificates in massage to post-graduate studies in exercise science.

We encourage our team to keep on top of their own training, so they can provide the best possible instruction to our members.

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