Working with Roger this year was much more than mental training enhancement for sport; it was mental training for life. I have been an athlete my entire life, and a competitive curler for 33 years. This season our team spent a significant time focusing on the mental side of the game. Roger always maintained that great technical and tactical skills are not enough; we need to train our mental and emotional dimensions to fully harness our potential.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Roger as his passion for mental performance enhancement is contagious, and most especially motivational. After every session we were eager to apply the new tools or methodologies. He taught us how to focus on transforming from a “civilian” (ie: regular person) to a “performer”. Mapping out this physical, mental and emotional transition down to the minute was at the core of feeling confident and prepared.

Roger emphasized many times how important it is to constantly monitor all five (5) systems : feeling (emotional), thinking (mental), doing (technical/tactical), physiological, and team. To truly be “mentally tough”; he taught us to override human nature – far easier said then done! You need to be mentally nimble enough to go from a cluttered mind to focusing only on the task at hand; the process. We learned to understand appropriate levels of activation and the importance of breathing.

Roger’s dedication to our team’s needs was more then we ever expected, and his philosophies became a foundation in our daily lives. He is an integral and delightful part of our team and I am excited to continue our journey.

Last but not least, Roger taught us – “ this in my control ?”; if the answer is “yes”, then quickly and actively fix it. If the answer is “no”; then there is nothing you can do so go back to task. This was the greatest message of dealing with distractions I have heard in years. Why are you wasting valuable energy on things you cannot control ?

Thank-you Roger for the mind-full lessons that I will continue to apply to sport and every day life. I highly recommend anyone pursuing excellence in their sport to spend some time with Roger. My only regret in working with Roger is that it didn’t happen years ago!

– Diane Gushulak


There are so many great moments with the addition of Roger to you our competitive curling team this year that I am not sure where to start…

I have played on team sports all of my life and love all of the aspects of a group moving towards a common goal.  There are many steps to achieving a successful season that usually include physical training, tactical training and nutritional considerations well in advance of the start of a season.  However until this year, I never understood true potential mental training could provide and the edge it would allow our team, until our first meeting with Roger.

I was sold, and so were my teammates!

We jumped in head first and really mapped out how our season was going to look from a whole different perspective “mental toughness”.

Each time we meet with Roger he gave us food for thought and really made us look at how we communicated, what we needed from each other and how to get the best out of each athlete.  And when we were not at our best, how we were going to support each other through those tough times.

I wish I had the opportunity to have worked with such a great teacher before I entered into the last phase of my competitive life, however, as I continue to learn and apply the principles I will be at the top of my game for some time to come.

Thank you, Roger

– Grace MacInnes


I have been curling competitively for the past 10 years. This past curling season was like no other and I have taken away experiences that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Since May 2014, Roger has been working with us and he has made me fully realize the power of mental training.

Roger brings a very professional, rational approach to his coaching. He has worked with teams in many different sports at all levels and brings this breadth of knowledge and experience to his work and it truly is motivational. He took the time to get to know each of us on a personal level, understand our team needs, and customize his focus to us. He asked thought-provoking questions and provided us with strategies and reflective exercises that elevated our game to a new level. His dedication and commitment to helping us improve was far more than I could have ever expected.

Working with him has changed the way that I approach life on a daily basis. I have developed new healthy routines, and have learned to apply perception checking and mental toughness to almost everything that I do. As a result, I am more relaxed, confident, aware, and assertive, both in competition and everyday life. Thank you Roger.

Lorelle Weiss


I have been competing in sports (Golf, Curling, Volleyball and Basketball) for many years.  Most of what I generally worked on was the technical, tactical and physical training of these sports.  I was interested in and have read many things that I have tried to apply in  the “mental performance” side of these sports.  I have had some success and over the years have thought that I was doing a pretty good job with my ideas of sports psychology .  After attending workshops facilitated by Roger Friesen, I wanted to dig deeper on the mental performance side of things.  He gave me exercises that were easy to follow which gave me a lot more insight into different aspects of mental performance training, and concrete tools to change habits that weren’t helping.

Roger worked with my curling team for the past year and we have all benefitted from his information and implementation of his theories.  When our coach left us three quarters of the way through the season, Roger was able to keep us on track and made us a stronger team for it.  The delivery of his messages always came at the right time for the situation. He is a good listener and observer, and he asks questions that make you get to the root, so you can move on and not make the same mistake twice.  I would recommend any of Roger’s training sessions or workshops to anyone who would like to have a better understanding of what it takes to be (and do) your best.

 Sandra Comadina