30 Jun Psychological and Emotional Preparation for Offshore Sailing – Part 3

WHY are we venturing off-shore?

The inner most dimension is the core of who we are. It’s this part of us that defines us differently from any other person on earth. It is in the ‘core’ area where our passions, gifts, values beliefs and so on reside. This level or dimension informs our choices and decisions. It’s at this level that the ‘why we do anything’ question gets answered. Curiously enough, this is also important when preparing for a long passage. Essentially each of us has to answer for ourselves WHY we want to embark on a long passage. If the answer to that question is because it fulfills something deep within us – our passion, dream or aspiration – we will likely be far more robust in times of stress. Alternatively, if an individual does not have a good answer for that question that person will be far more vulnerable in times of stress or pressure. They will not be as robust, or resilient. The ‘why we do anything’ question is an important component of mental toughness.

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