17 May The Art of Living on Auto-Pilot

The art of being on auto-pilot.  Doing what we have been trained to do!!!(provided we have trained ourselves to ‘do’)

Too many people have this idea that engaging in sport psychology means we have to think about everything too much.  This is flawed thinking.  What we really need to understand is that there is a time and place for thinking.  During practice and following an event we do want to think through in a structured way how and what we’re doing – we need to be analytical.

We also need to understand the difference between thinking logically about how and what we’re doing and becoming over analytical – which during competition will result in compromised performance.

In simple words, there is a time and a place to think which is during practice and during the debrief of an event.  Once competition arrives we need to have trained ourselves to stop thinking, to stop being analytical and just DO.

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