06 Mar What is Performance Psychology?

Are you interested in:

  • Maximizing your potential as an athlete or performer?
  • Feeling confident at the start of a competition or performance?
  • Performing consistently throughout the season?
  • Performing with Passion and Determination?
  • Harnessing your emotions to enhance performance?
  • Learning to thrive under pressure?
  • Managing thoughts and emotions around injury and injury recovery?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, than psychological and emotional skills training is for you.

The psychology of performance or the mental part of performance or training is really just another dimension of training.  I believe everyone accepts the idea that in order to excel we need to spend hundreds of hours honing our technical and tactical skills.  And most people would agree that we need to be as strong, fit and flexible as possible in order to excel at our sport at any level.  Great technical and tactical skills however are not enough, I believe that in order to fully push our abilities and fully harness our potential we also need to train the mental and emotional dimensions.

The psychological and emotional realms, are simply dimensions or systems that need training in the exact same way that our strength needs conditioning and training…it’s really no different.  We can call this the last frontier of performance.  More and more athletes and performers in any field are realizing the importance of training this dimension or system.  In fact, there are no top athletes or performers in any field who do not incorporate this as an integral component to their overall preparation.

I invite you to explore this aspect of training, or to further develop your skills in this area if you already do incorporate psychological skills training into your preparation.  I invite you to engage in ways that will bring pure joy and passion as you push the limits of your potential – both individually as well as this team!!!!.

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